we’ve all been there…

You're in the middle of thirteen days straight. People have been calling in sick and there are two people on vacation and the boss needs you badly to help cover the shifts. You have been working ten and twelve hour days. You haven't slept well. What food you do eat, you scarf down beside the dish pit because you have no time to sit. Your partner and/or friends haven't seen you in ages. Your gym membership sits crumpled and unused in your backpack. You're exhausted, stressed, you stumble around on automatic pilot. In the few moments you take time to think, you feel, well...a bit depressed. When will this end?

This is burnout. And we've all experienced it.

The hospitality industry is rife with burnout. We fall on the sword of heroism - we work ourselves to the point of becoming an extra on The Walking Dead. We fall into the trap of machismo or of chasing those extra dollars. We go all out. We work hard and we play hard. We ache for that promotion. We don't want to be seen as weak or unambitious. So we carry on until we can't carry on any more. Or they carry us out in a stretcher.

Burnout is not a badge of honour to be flashed around. It's your body's response to prolonged and excessive stress. It affects all parts of you - mind, body and spirit. And it can cause major health issues in the short and long term. Unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking and/or drugging can also add further problems and issues.

I know first-hand the consequences of burnout and the deeper issues of turning to unhealthy habits to dealing with it and life in general. It took me years to see the damage that my work life and my ways of trying to handle it caused me. In the spirit of sharing what has worked for me and many others, I have created a little guide for hospitality professionals in dealing with stress and burnout.

And it's free. To get it, head over to my new home, and if it's your first time, you'll get a prompt to enter your email address. And that's it. Get the guide, and you'll also join my growing community - hospitality leaders, workers, students and all sorts of folks who are looking to improve themselves and their outlook. No BS.

Click on the photo below (unless you have already subscribed - thank you!) and you're there! I hope that you find the guide helpful and remember that self-care is the greatest tool you have in your toolbox or pocket. You need to stick around to become that great leader that you know you will be!

Click here to get your FREE guide!

Click here to get your FREE guide!