As a hospitality professional, you work hard. Very hard. You put everything into your skills and advancement. You love helping to create a wonderful experience for your guests.  You put in the time. A lot of time. You have loved every minute of it....until now. Something is changing within. And because of that, the work seems that much harder.

You're not sure of where you want to go, or what to do. Maybe you still love the industry but don't know how to manage the burnout, the ever growing changes in your life, the out of whack balance between life and work. Or perhaps you have run the course in hospitality. Something calls out to you, but you just don't know what it is. You want to make a difference in other people’s lives and also be a part of something that fulfills you the way that hospitality once did.

As a Transition Coach, I get it. I know that as a professional chef and hospitality leader at all levels, I've had my share of 80-90 hour work weeks. For over 25 years, I missed almost every holiday gathering and family get-togethers.. I still carry the war wounds of countless burns and cuts. I have worked for tough owners and bosses. I have felt the enormous stress of doing it all - dealing with countless personalities and egos, managing others while trying to hit the never-ending deadlines that come with working as a hospitality professional and manager. I relished it all...until the call to do something else hit, and it all changed. 

I help to remove the inner blocks which may be blurring the map to where you need and want to go. We can move through any external hurdles which may be preventing you from going from Point A to Point B. Through discussion and using tools, we can find out not only what is getting in your way to success, but to co-create action plans to help move you through them. And by using accountability and inviting you to stretch your thinking, I help to push you further than you thought possible. The key though, is putting in the work.

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