Being in long-term recovery from addiction / alcoholism is a noble and beautiful state of being. You’ve tackled the “ugly stuff” which compelled you to pick up in the first place, and you have turned your life around. And kudos! It’s a wonderful place to be to wake up and be clean and sober, hangover-free and feeling good about yourself! But with that sometimes comes the question: “What now?” You’ve gotten back on your feet, but unsure of where to go with your personal and maybe your professional life. You’ve had to let go of many people, places and things that kept you in your old lifestyle. Now there are some big holes to fill.

So many of us in that second stage recovery, so to speak, feel a bit lost and wondering where we go next. Boredom may set in. You want to have fun, but not sure what that means. You have no or few hobbies. You feel good that you’re clean and sober, but almost don’t know what to do with that new way of living.

As a Transition Coach, and as a recovered alcoholic (7.5 years since my last drink!), I understand the emotional and mental turmoil that early recovery brings, and I also appreciate how being in longer term recovery brings with it fantastic rewards, but many questions. I was blessed to find a wonderful job in the last phase of my career, but I always knew that I wanted to serve others in a more personal way. It was about using my past experiences, especially the challenging ones from my own recovery, to help others through their own transformations. I know that feeling of knowing there is something that I was meant to do.

I help to remove the inner blocks which may be blurring the map to where you need and want to go. We can move through any external hurdles which may be preventing you from going from Point A to Point B. Through discussion and using tools, we can find out not only what is getting in your way to success, but to co-create action plans to help move you through them. And by using accountability and inviting you to stretch your thinking, I help to push you further than you thought possible. The key though, is putting in the work.

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