As a professional in your 30’s to late 50’s, you’ve been around. You’ve not only moved through many work situations and environments, you have also experienced the ups and downs of life in general. And sometimes your work life and private life intersect in a way which brings you stress and potential burnout. It saps your strength and desire, and want to find that balance. Or perhaps you’ve gotten as far in your career as your passion or circumstances will take you, and you’re looking along the horizon for that new work life which will invigorate and renew you. You just know that there’s something out there which calls you, but there’s too much interference to hone in on it. Maybe you’re just ready to move on and don’t know where to take that first step.

As a Transition Coach, I am here to help you navigate the roads ahead. As a leader and manager in corporate cultures for many years, I understand the need to play by the rules and to sometimes do things that go against the grain of inner core values. I know the feeling of being worn down and wondering when I would find that drive, that spark to take me to the next level. I have experienced the feeling of emptiness at times, when I felt that I wasn’t honouring my needs and the passion within.

I help to remove the inner blocks which may be blurring the map to where you need and want to go. We can move through any external hurdles which may be preventing you from going from Point A to Point B. Through discussion and using tools, we can find out not only what is getting in your way to success, but to co-create action plans to help move you through them. And by using accountability and inviting you to stretch your thinking, I help to push you further than you thought possible. The key though, is putting in the work.

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