As a conscious, wonderful individual, you’ve been around. You’ve experienced the ups and downs of life and are a brave, open-minded and successful soul. But we aren’t always prepared to meet the many challenges that face us in our lives. As a seeker, you are looking to uncover obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging your success and blocking your fulfillment Life is a series of transitions - school, relationships, work, and all the fantastic stuff in between. Transitions mean growth, but we don’t always seem to have a road map to that destination. You are a seeker and are looking to make that transition smooth and in line with who you are and your values. You’re just ready to move on and don’t know how or where to take that first step. That is where I can help.


As a Transition Coach, I am here to show you that temporary pain can bring long-term fulfillment and positive growth. What may seem like a daunting decision or state of being is only fleeting. I know that feeling of stepping onto a vast open field and wondering just which way to go. Will I regret my choice? Why does it seem so hard? But you don’t have to be alone in charting your own path. No direction is guaranteed, but coming into the decision will full faculties and information, plus your powerful intuition, will give you a sense of peace and power as you walk your path.

I help to remove the inner blocks which may be blurring the map to where you need and want to go. We can move through any external hurdles which may be preventing you from going from Point A to Point B. Through discussion and using tools, we can find out not only what is getting in your way to success, but to co-create action plans to help move you through them. And by using accountability and inviting you to stretch your thinking, I help to push you further than you thought possible. The key though, is putting in the work.

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