Meet the Coach


what keeps you from being the person you know is there deep down?

As you move through your newfound sobriety and/or transition, there is guaranteed to be some fear, apprehension, resentment, uncertainty, lack of confidence and unwillingness.

How do I know this?

Because I have been there.

With over eight years of continuous sobriety I know what it’s like to move through the changes that box a one-two on the chin.

Changing careers after 25+ years in the hospitality industry as a chef and leader, I understand the roller coaster ride of making a big leap into the unknown.

My life changed on May 4, 2011 as I took my last drink. It was frightening. What would like look life without the one and only thing that I felt was my only ally, my only dance partner, my only reason for being?

Growing up in Toronto, with a wonderful and loving family, it shouldn’t have been that way. With a successful career and so much open in front of me, why was I hollow inside?


Big changes in your life requires big courage.

And I mustered up everything I had to finally release myself of the emotional and mental baggage which weighed me down.

This also required me to push myself out of my comfort zone! I picked up running, something I still do. I have run several marathons and plan many more.

I started to find my voice (yay!) and then began journaling my thoughts in a blog, Message in a Bottle, and when that started to do well, I moved to doing a recovery podcast, Buzzkill Pod. And with that came my book, Longing For The Spirit, something that I very proud of.

Finally, the newest podcast, Longing For The Spirit: The Podcast, came as a way of combining recovery, mindset shifts, spirituality and all the things which I have relied upon during my transitions.

I love working with my clients - people like you, who are unsure how they are going to make it across the raging river of emotions and tasks; people who feel they lack confidence to step up and take control of their lives; people who just want to smile and laugh more.

Coaching is my passion, and if I can find that kind of purpose in my life, a life that I burned down several times, then so can you.

It’s all in you.