Stuff That Can Help You


Coaching you to either fuel that fire for your hospitality career or to help you transition into a new and powerful path is my goal and my passion. But coaching isn't the only way you can find me in a way to help you! Below are some other ways that I have been able to, and continue to, reach out to others, to help them realize that we are never stuck in one place. We are works-in-progress, and transformations happen all the time. Your metamorphosis awaits you!


The Book

Longing For The Spirit is chock full of bite-sized essays on the desire for change, the emergence of light from darkness and the funny and poignant ways in which we find our true paths in life. 


The Podcast

Buzzkill Pod is a unique and often humourous take on the world of recovery and spirituality. You need not be in recovery to get lots of takeaways!


The Videos

Coming Soon!