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paul silva coaching

Commit. Transmit. Transform


Life is all about transitions. You are at the crossroads right now. Perhaps you’re going through the motions of your job, looking forward to Fridays and dreading Mondays. Maybe you’ve been promoted and struggling with making that adjustment. Or maybe you’ve retired and pondering the “what now?” question. The kids have left the nest and you are deciding what to do next with the space left behind. You’re in recovery from addiction and the “pink cloud” has lifted and you’re wondering what to do with your new life? You know that you can make a contribution to the world but don’t know what it is. You feel TRAPPED and STUCK.

It doesn’t have to be that way any more.

You know you have something special to share. You know your spirit is ready to shine. You know you have passion and drive, but just want to find the vehicle for that energy. You feel that you are bogged down with the details but know that you can soar above it all. You sense that you were put here on Earth for a reason, and you’re itching to find it. You feel that you have what it takes to really make an impact on others. You know that you are eager to make the leap into whatever it is that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. You’re READY.

it’s time for change