You Want More From Your Sober Life or Your Life In Transition


you’re sober (congrats!) but you feel there is so much more to enjoying this new lifestyle

You feel isolated. Lack of connection to self and others. Feelings are yucky. You lack motivation and confidence. You’re bored. You feel restless. You’re missing fun in your life. You want MORE.


you’re in a life transition but unsure how to move through it with the confidence and fearlessness you lack

Uncertainty and fear rule your mind. You question whether you have the courage to make the changes you want. You’re anxious. You procrastinate. You’re indecisive. You want CLARITY.

Bring the colour back into your life.

I help my clients elevate their current lives.

You can expect to be fully heard, to be advocated for, to be challenged, to be held accountable and to be championed as the YOU you were created to be.

We co-create the action steps that will move and shake you out of your rut.

You just KNOW that there is more to your life than you’re living now.

You’re skimming the surface when really you want to be fully submerged.

What price are you paying by NOT making the leap into investing in yourself?

Make the decision that TODAY you will change the trajectory of your life.

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