What Clients Are Saying

I was feeling a need for change, and completely lost on what kind of change, where to look, what to do, all of it. I have fought depression and anxiety for years and more than once felt almost ready to throw in the towel- but at this point, I was committed to sticking around, but didn’t know how to fight my way out. I didn’t realize that my quitting drinking was as big a deal as it has been. I’ve learned a ton, and you helped me recognize the size and quality of that change and give it proper respect. Without that, I might have given up. Stopping actually consuming alcohol is only the first part. You are encouraging and positive. It was very helpful to be accountable to someone. You encouraged me to try things that scared me. I’m consciously expanding my life and exercising the part of me that is brave, strong, takes care of myself. I’m happier all-around!

- Susan P

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I felt I needed help with changing some of my mindsets. I was hard on myself, and was feeling bad about not doing more and how I was showing up. I was arguing with myself, making me tired, and unhappy. When I was unable to make changes by myself, stuck, I sought support with Paul Silva as my coach. These days, I am learning to live life easier. I am happier and and am accepting of my choices. I let go of slights and hurts much easier. Paul was gentle in his guidance. It was a team effort.

- Wendy B

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I was struggling particularly with a relapse of alcohol use to cope with stressors in my life. I had been sober for 2 years at that time and had used alcohol excessively about 4 times. I knew that I needed to get some help with the things I was struggling with and gain some insight into why, at that particular time, I found it most difficult to refrain from using alcohol as a coping mechanism. I was afraid of what this relapse could mean in my life. After working with Paul, I was able to be more aware of my thoughts and choices. I found Paul to be thoughtful, grounded, inspiring, calming and he believed in my strength and resilience.

- Kate F

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I was making some changes in my professional life. Having Paul as my coach helped me to articulate goals and objectives as well as strategies and tactics to achieve them. I really appreciated having an objective perspective. I also benefited from the aspect of accountability with Paul - it encouraged me to think differently when approaching situations and now operate from a more conscious place. I'm conscious thinking of the ways in which I approach situations in a more positive perspective.

- Lisa P

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I was beginning a new career and dealing with the concerns, risks, inhibitions and hurdles that existed for me in my life and in beginning in my new industry as a whole. I knew I needed more support than I could reasonably expect from the systems I had in place at that time. Working with Paul helped me to identify some tools and techniques to get out of the ruts. It helped me to shorten the time period I spent in those ruts and to remind myself that I am doing what I’m doing for myself (and my loved ones), that it may look different for me than other people and even sometimes to give myself a break (and put down the whip!)

- Mike J

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I've been working with Paul for a short while and already he's had a big impact on my life. He's an incredibly good listener, has a grounded and calm way about him that immediately puts you at ease, and then somehow is able to make you see the logical next step and want to take action. I would enthuisiastically recommend him to anyone looking to figure out what's next.

- Ofelia I