You’re looking for something that gives you that fire in the belly when it comes to your career or post-career journey. Or you’re seeking something tangible past your recovery into a new life. Or you’re managing a promotion at work, or a new addition to or loss in your family. Perhaps you’re struggling in a new business or you’re not sure to do as an empty nester. There is a type of pressure that sits in you as you try and navigate you way through your new transition. It feels like a lead balloon in your gut, and it’s weighing you down. You need a refresh, a shift in perspective or an action plan to get you back in the ring, invigorated and ready to go!

I am your ally and your advocate but i will also be the one who will tell you that you have spinach in your teeth.

As a Transition Coach, I help you thrive amidst change or when the earth feels like it’s shifting underneath your feet. We examine what is possible and the ways to get there. I help to break down the blocks which aim to hold you back. We uncover obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging their success and blocking your fulfillment. I will also stretch your thinking and push you. I will point out your blind spots, and yes, I will tell you things that others may not. Growth involves moving out of our comfort zones, but you will not be alone.

what to expect in our time together

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